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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

My wife gave birth last may. It has been a year and she cannot shed one single pound. I have extensive knowledge in physiology and nutrition and know how to produce results(she is also an advid weight lifter). So far, we’ve tried ketogenic diets, Velocity Diet along with Meltdown training(or other programs using mainly compound exercises…no machines for her).

Even with the Velocity Diet, not one pound, not even water weight, was lost. She has also added track workouts. I cycle in high calorie days to boost the metab. Nothing will budge the weight, not a single pound. We’re going to see the Doc about this. It has been a year of religous dieting and hard training that should produce some significant change. Please help!!!

I also gave birth last May and this sounds AWFUL! I can’t understand why she would have this problem if she is eating right and working out. I would suggest she go to the Doctor ASAP. If she is breastfeeding, the weight would probably come off even quicker and if she isn’t, her body should be pretty much like any other woman’s (hormone-balance-wise) by now.

This doesn’t make sense and I’d be really pissed if I was her. Good luck to her and please follow up once you know more, I’m interested to know what she discovers.

How big is she and how much does she want to lose?

Is she sneaking food after midnight? Postpartum women can do some strange things. It is a difficult time

You might want to have some blood work done up. It could possibly let you and the doctors know if something is wrong. How’s her stress levels? If she’s stressed out, that could be a factor in the body not changing. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply guys. I’m actually going to repost this under the T-Vixen to see if there are similar experiences(since it is a column for women). Thanks again!