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Post-Post Workout Meal

After my post workout SURGE shake what should I eat next and how soon?

Typically I eat my PO meal at 8:00am.
Should I have another SURGE shake at aroung 9:30 and then eat my normal meal at around 11:00?

Or is there a better plan?

Any input is appreciated

Well this is very dependent on individual goals and indivdual diet choices.

I would say wait anywhere from 45 mins - 2hrs.

This in my opinion should be one of, if not THE largest meal of the day.

As far as contents, a good dose of protein and carbs. Carbs from both starcy and veggie (fibrous) variety. Once again this changes with ones goals, and reactions to certain dietary stimulus.

Hope that helps some how. Main thing is wait 45-mins or so for the Surge to do its work. Then Have a big meal. LOL

Hope that helps

Nice topic, there is not as much info on a solid food PW meal as there is liquid PW meals. I find that have your Surge during/immediately after, then pig out on a protein/carb meal if your goal is muscle mass. Keep the fat low to maximize the insulin spike.

The timing, and the science behind it, is all laid out here: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459463


What about if you’re low-carbing? I always feel weird having a high fat-medium protein meal after lifting.

I’m on a CKD, and my PWO shake is water, protein powder and smarties (candy), and then about an hour or so later, I usually have a standard P + F meal, at a p:f ratio of around 40%:60%.

Should I change that?



Josh, i would reccomend changing it. First have some Surge during training, then right after another serving or something else like some grow and dextrose, then an hour later a P+C meal like chicken and rice or pasta. You definately do not ever sacrifice your post workout nutrition. It is critical for replenishing the glycogen stores that training depletes, and to increase protein synthesis, if you dont, your metabolism will shut down and the body break down muscle for energy (catabolism). If you are trying to lose weight, keep all your carbs post workout and morning (i like 1/5 cup (dry) oatmeal).

My post workout meal is 1/2 cup blueberries with 1/2 banana, covered in whipping cream(to lower the GI)and maple syrup… plus a protein shake.

Papa, check out John Berardi’s article(s), “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II. You’re really missing out on a very anabolic window of opportunity post-workout. The “golden hour” is that first 30 minutes after you complete your workout, but insulin sensitivity (a good thing) is at an all time high (that and some other really neat physiological phenomena), allowing for enhanced glycogen resynthesis.

If you were going the low-carb and or hypocaloric route, I might could make argument for a serving of fruit. But the cream (though tasty) is not, not, not, not good! Or let’s just say, it works against they physiological gift you were given, having lifted all that iron!

Hey T-T,

Not sure if you were talking to me about the fruit PWO on a low-carb diet. I’ve read JB’s articles, but I can’t find anyting on a post-post workout for people low carbing. I don’t want to eat a bowl of brown rice 2 hours after I lift. Should I change the timing because I’m going to be eating a P+F meal?


Hey, there, Josh!

The reason you’re not finding a lot from JB on low-carbing it in the Post-PWO meal is probably because JB doesn’t believe in low-carbing it at that particular time, based on how the body responds to exercise. Read up on something called “non-insulin mediated glucose uptake” + exercise on Google or the Internet search engine of your choice.

If you do want to low-carb it, but take advantage of the physiology above, read up on TKDs (Targeted Ketogenic Diets).

For the simplest approach, use the directions on the container of Surge.
If I remember correctly (don’t have it in front of me), it recommends eating a carb and protein meal (60 something% carb and 30 something% protein) 1-2 hours after drinking Surge if you are trying to gain muscle mass. If you are trying to burn fat, it recommends eating a meal that coincides with your current dietary plan.
This may not net the most muscle mass, but it’s pretty simple to follow.

Here’s my two cents…

I agree with what others have said about carbs in and around the workout. Try to keep the meal as quick as possible, though. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a stickler for “perfect” post-workout carbs (whatever the hell those are), but you should choose foods that won’t be slowed down so much. Avoid excessive fats, and skip the extra fiber for that period. Those constituents are just going to slow it down.

Here’s what I had today…(I work out in the morning)

Pre workout: 50g whey isolate, 50g pure dextrose, 2 Russian Red creatine “jubes” (i really dig the word “JUBE”)

During workout: 50 or so grams whey, 90 or so grams carbs (30 of which were sugar)

Post workout: 60g whey, 110g carbs (15 or so were sugar) This is immediately after the workout. Take your time, though.

Post workout #2: (listen up, because this little bastard is tasty) One cup of FAT FREE organic yogurt, two cups of frozen blueberries, one scoop of a high quality vanilla casein (26g). Mix them all together in a big bowl (you’ll need a big one), and let them sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. On the side, 2 full cups of Frosted Flakes (yup, you read that correctly). But do not mix the Frosted Flakes in the yogurt/bb/casein mix. You could, but it gets the flakes all mushy, and I for one prefer the satisfaction of chomping them by the handful.

Post Workout #3: One and a half cups egg whites, about two cups of raw spinach (it helps if you shred the spinach by hand before mixing it in with the eggs), one cup of raw carrots, one apple, 2 slices of grain bread which is as unprocesed as possible (pay attention to the ingredients; buying bread can be tricky if you do not know what you are looking for).

I add back in the fiber in this meal (in the spinach, little bit in the carrots, and the bread), and I find that a variety of food really helps keep me moving in a positive direction. Who wants to drink or eat stuff that tastes like shit if there are tasty alternatives that are every bit as effective? It may take a bit of homework to figure some of these things out, but after you do, you’ll be as happy as a pedophile at an elementary school convocation.

After those meals, i go into more of a protein + fat profile. Keep in mind that this little menu is based on my goals and may not be suitable for you based on yours. But it shows a nice variety of foods, I like to think. And having that kind of variety may make all of the difference in your nutritional consistency. We all look forward to eating yummy stuff, and i look forward to my post-workout real-food meals every day.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Rock on.


I forgot to add…

Post workout #2 is about an hour after the post workout shake.

Post workout #3 is about an hour and a half to two hours after #2. After that, I’ll eat every three hours or so

Rock on (again)