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Post -Post workout meal

Was just wondering what folks eat for the next meal after their workout, and after the post-workout Surge-like drink. I assume this meal still has an anabolic/anti-catabolic effect. So, whaddayaeatin’?? Thanks…

I eat another protein + carb meal. Protein sources: whey and cottage cheese (for casein). figure this is a good combination of fast and slow- digesting protein sources. I also make this meal the largest of the day, in calorie terms, to supply the recovering muscles.

Oatmeal with protein powder mixed in(plus cinnamon to help with insulin sensitvity) and cottage cheese.

Lately for me it’s been cottage cheese, protein powder, Smart Start cereal, and a banana…but I often change it depending on my goals at the time.

This isn’t the best meal, but I always put a little protein powder in milk and poor that into kiddie cereal, like Lucky Charms. It’s the only time of the day I actually have a half legitimate excuse to eat something like that.

1 pound cottage cheese, 1 pound yogurt, 1 pound pineapple

I usually have 8 egg whites, oatmeal (size dependent of number of carbs wanted) and a scoop of protein mixed in (a blend such as AP or similar).
It’s actually my favorite meal of the day.

Eggs, and sometimes steak if its in the morning, otherwise a protein shake with cottage cheese, peanut butter and flax seed

I usually have a high protien shake (50g protien or so) mixed with Milk as a post work out drink, then about 2 hours later i will have a carb/protien meal…Potatoes/chicken/massive chuncks of brown bread, stuff like that…then prolly a carb snack before i snuggle down for the night

while cutting: ground buffalo (6-8 oz.), large salad, 2 fish oils, handful of cashews.
while bulking: buffalo or steak, large yam