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Post Post-Workout Meal

So I have the usual protein shake and high GI/simple carb stuff immediately post-workout, but I’m a little unsure about the best thing to be doing for the meal about 1 hour after that… choices:

a) Turkey/chicken with basmati rice.
b) Turkey chicken with some mushrooms, then followed by a big bowl of porridge oats in water.

Would really appreciate opinions! If it matters, I’m trying to bulk at the moment, but as cleanly as possible.

Either would be fine. I would add some mixed vegetables and/or fruit.

I’ve found that a pan seared chicken breast with a whole microwaved sweet potato + broccoli/spinach is really awesome for the post post workout meal.

Pretty much anything you eat that is clean will be fine for a post post workout meal.

I go for three eggs and a couple pieces of toast. You’re still getting fast absorbed protein through the albumen in eggs, and get another little kick of insulin with your bread.

I have my shake at the gym immediately after. Then drive home to shower, eat my eggs, then head to work.