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Post Pin Extreme Pain


I know I made a few mistakes which I am now paying for. I had my muscle flexed when pinned. 2.5ml of test e into my quad.

I had hoped the pain would settle in a couple of days but it got worse. The first couple days I managed to still work out and the pain actually subsided as I did some light cardio.

Upon my next pin I went for just under 1ml of test e and experience slight soreness and the muscle
Is swollen as well.
I expect the glute pain is normal from injecting into a new muscle but the quad pain has me nervous. I tried pain killers and they barely helped unless they made me skeep.

I’m going to my primary doctor tomorrow as I was trying to give up smoking but feel I should mention this pain and maybe a muscle relaxer would do the job. I’m at my Whits end at a few points I couldn’t even walk (when on oxy)


Seems normal to me… No matter where I pin, I get swelling and pain if it is a new area. The swelling in my quad moved to my knee and I wanted to die. It looked like a basketball. As far as flexing the muscle… I dont think that makes a difference at all. Also, what size pins are you using? You don’t need a big needle if pinning the quads. Insulin pins work great. Just give it time like any other spot.


22g needles but any way this pain is debilitating I can’t walk doesn’tfeel normal to me


On your vials, check if they contain Ethyl Oleate.
A normal injection you shouldn’t get any substancial bruising or soreness, or post injection pain(unless your using test prop).

Do a search for recent posts on PIP for more information.


I’ve gotten a ton of pip from quad injections before. Particularly if I inject too low on the muscle.

Honestly it sounds like you’re just being a wuss.


This wasn’t average pip - i would say that the .8ml pin in my glute was average - but the 2.5ml into my quad was completely debilitating. Saw my doctor he said that test is very oily so it takes a while to dissipate and that large muscles aren’t the best injection sites. What I thought was strange was that he said he didn’t want to give me any advice as to how to go about do it again but said to avoid IM injections and that pinning fatty tissue is better do to the type of viscosity of the substance i’m dealing with.

He wrote me a script for anti-biotics just to be safe muscle relaxers and RX strength advil. On a scale of 1-10 i expected some pip of 5-6 not 11 where I had to lay in bed for 3 days since I couldn’t move and had to practically survive off gatorade and advil.


Does your vial have EO as an ingrediant(check the label it should tell you what is used)? EO causes debilitating pain, swelling to those that don’t react well to it. A regular injection of test won’t be any more than a slight bruise at most, unless you have a particulary sensitive site(usually thighs for some people).


I contacted my seller and he said it doesn’t contain EO - Actually saw a
doctor and he thinks its just a bad reaction to injecting a little too


i would advise STRONGLY against this.

It’s one thing to pin .5-1ml subcutaneously. But if you’re doing 2ml or more, I would think twice… that’s gonna hurt twice as much as IM. I mean, you could try it, but it’s a terrible idea.


I agree with @flipcollar !!! I very strongly advise against it!! Sounds like you just need to get a box of straws and suck it the fuck up!


Agreed. The 2.5ml was just to front load. All future injections are .8ml (250ml test-e.) I followed my docs advise and injected slowly while pulling it out slowly. He also advised me that it has a better capacity to absorb this type of medication.

I have a little bump but no redness or bruising. I am much more satisfied with this method of injection as I lost significant training days when I couldn’t walk.

There’s a video on YouTube by a doctor who explains this injection method very well. To each their own I guess.


For poster…

You never said what you pinned so nobody can really help… Ive pinned horible shit from Mexico so I kmow about PIP dont waste time money at a dr looking like a juicey dip shit… Ice, ibuprofin, and time will make it go away… In 10 days you should be straight… In the future learn to do quad pins with a 29g slin pin same for shoulders… This is assuming you are lean enough… Butt darts 23g 1" is fine
remember this aint rocket science if needle looks to big just get smaller oils in your muscle water in your fat…


I’m well aware of SubQ injections, lol thanks. And I know exactly which video you’re talking about. I agree that less than 1 mL is just fine, I didn’t suggest otherwise. I assumed by your posts that 2.5 would be usual for you. One of my closest friends does 1mL per week subq and loves it. If I was just on TRT, I’d likely do the same thing.


OP what does your vial ingrediant label actually say? Even UGL steroids have a label, with contents and percenatges of BA and BB, and solvent/carrier oil.
I’d trust a label more than the word of a dealer(who probably doesn’t even know what EO is), who wouldn’t know what is used for every different batch, unless he is brewing it up at home.


definitely not always true, lol. mine never have labels.


Did OP ever say what he was using? Didn’t see it…


H’mm no label = home brew, small scale without access to industrial printing.
One of the risks you run, unless you brew your own stuff, and have control over the other non steroid ingrediants.