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Post Pics of Your Ride


doesnt matter what year, make, or anything. post your wheels.

ill start

10 dodge dakota, i use it for landscaping/mowing/snow removal.

pros: great handling since its midsize, more powerful then ranger or colorado though
interior on dodges been slowly getting better last few years
tow/haul comprable to fullsize

no lock on my tailgate




Mine. I've since added the IROC decals to it.

other car my wife drives is an '04 Civic, nothin to it.




Pros: Its fucking gorgeous

Cons: Um, my keyboard would wear about before I could post them all.


It's a '96


So's mine.

Edit: oh wait, '97. Crap.


80 cubic in. Edelbrock hi flo heads, ev57 cam


It's really fast.


Outside of the manor.


It's usually not this clean.


I knew Adam West was on here!


I try not to take him out too much.
Mostly just ride him to the gym...


I can totally see you riding this beast



Someone had to do it.




This is my first car and I love it to bits.

It's been fun! But I'm on the prowl for a Mercury Marauder now. Damn things are a pain in the ass to find though.


Accords are pussy magnets, show me otherwise.


Wishing I was your horse.


2001 Wrangler