Post Pendulum Training Suggestions

So here’s the deal, I’ve made incredible gains through Pendulum Training, both in terms of size and strength. I finally broke down a wall I had been stuck at for sometime. I want to continue to hit the gym hard while eating like a man beast. That said, I’m ready for a transformation --one that will leave me weighing in around 215 (I’m currently 205) with serious strength gains. I’m leaning toward a Polliquin program, but that’s not to exclude others. So team, help me with Operation Get Blemming Big. Thanks!

IF you have had success with CT’s work, I would reccomend either OVT or his Body part Emphasis Roatation.

Another option, if you have been using a lot of high volume, is to go on a strenght program like CW’s strength mesocycle and then return to the pendulum training. You may find that kick starts your gains all over again.

go superbeast!

hmm, I’m considering OVT, but I had just completed it prior to Pendulum Training. That said, today is my third day off and I feel like a slack ass, so guys, what do you think here? I need to start a program within two days. I’m interested in a good frequent Polliquin program, I need constant stimulation and I haven’t been very succesful with Waterbury’s 10x3; it just didn’t work for me.