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Post PCT

Just curious of anyone here uses natrual test boosters during or after PCT

example, DAA, tribulus, Alpha Male, ashwaganda, horny goat ect.

It’s something i’ve always included in PCT, usually 3 weeks or a month after last pin.\

Wouldn’t mind the thoughts of some others on the topic!

I’m not an expert, and my opinion is pretty generalized but if Serms can’t get your natural test production back, and or increase it, then I would find it hard to believe over the counter products are going to be very helpful.
I have tried some stuff, that was supposed to include sheep placenta as a source of HCG, but I honestly didn’t notice any difference. As soon as I take clomid or Nolva my balls start to grow in size and firmness.

well, a deficiency in zinc, magnesium or vitamin D will cause low testosterone. so in my opinion, ZMA and vitamin D should be part of PCT because of that…

most other OTC testosterone boosters have very little actual evidence that they work… DAA works for a couple weeks, but that’s about it.

zma is all I use to compliment nolva