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Post PCT, Still Shut Down


I just completed a 7 week cycle of 60mg's of anavar ED with 200mg's of test cyp EW. I have done this cycle in the past and recovered quickly. Well I just turned 34 and I ran it again and I completed 4 weeks of PCT with nolva 40/20/20 and I am still shut down. I had my test tested at the dr 2 weeks ago and it was 295. I dont have all of the other lab results, I am working on getting those if they are needed. I just feel like shit and can barely roll out of bed in the morning but I can still have sex and dont have much of a problem getting an erection (never have). I dont wake in the morning with wood like I used to though before the cycle. I just had my bloodwork done again today to see if it has come up but I still feel the same. Does anyone have any advise? I have never taken over 2 months to recover from a mild cycle such as this one.


Also my doctor is wanting me to go on HRT and i am wanting to wait and see if my natural test comes back up.


Do you know what your levels were before the cycle? How long after the PCT were you tested?


When my levels were tested a year ago I was in the 600's. I got my lab work done 6 weeks after my cycle and again today 8 weeks after the cycle. I still feel like shit so I think that it hasn't come back. I should have my results from today's test in7-10 days.




The time between coming off and recovering does not HAVE to be exactly on time as the previous cycles. Ive done a few cycles and the recovery period has varied.

It could also be down to your source, if you changed your source it could be possible you received something other then anavar or test. Your could have received deca or something.
It took me around 7-8 months to recover from my last cycle (was much heavier then your cycle mind you).

I know its a pain but after this experience im a firm believer in 'time', obviously if you had your full blood panel you could resolve things much faster then time would.