Post-PCT Lab Work. High E, Gyno, Fat Gain

My baseline TT was 540. I did 8 weeks of Test Cyp, pinning 160mg E3.5d. Gained 35lbs and cut body fat and went from 240lb bench to 315lb. Increased my squat and deadlift by a 150lbs too. I never had to use an AI during cycle, never had any side effects or gyno or any issues. I did nolvadex pct which started 2.5 weeks after my last pin, and when my TT was 416 (below baseline). I did 2 days of 40mg and then 2 weeks of 20mg a day, then 1 week 10mg a day, then 1 weeks of 10mg every other day. During PCT, i broke out in horrible cystic acne on my back and elsewhere and started to have a little BB size sensitive ball behind my left nipple after say 3 weeks of PCT. I then started 0.25 anastrazole, because i felt like i had high E sides and the very start of gyno, even though i was on nolva. It is now 2.5 weeks after PCT, and my left breast has a good quarter size or larger very sensitive bump. I had a mammogram which confirmed it was gnyo and only on left breast. My lab work came back today.

I was wondering if i should continue to use low dose anastrazole to combat the High E? And i am wondering why my FSH and LH are still so high even after pretty low dose nolva and being off nolva for 2.5 weeks. My testicles are definitely bigger than ever and I am still hitting PRs in the gym even though my last pin was well over 2 months ago. I am still wondering exactly why i got such bad E symptoms and gyno during PCT.

Labs from today show E2 at 45, Total T 821, Free T 129.8, SHBG 52, FSH 11.6, LH 27.9, prolactin 19.

Basically I am wondering if i should continue to take low dose anastrazole every 2 days and recheck Estradiol in a few weeks? My gyno seems to keep growing and is painful. But i dont wanna take nolva because it shoots my LH and FSH up and makes the E higher right? All the issues seemed to be when i was on the nolva pct.

So 8 weeks on a very moderate cycle put at least 35lbs of muscle on you, and you increased all of your PR’s dramatically (>30%)?

Please post before/after pictures

I am sure it wasnt all muscle but i was 166lbs, 6ft tall and was a few lbs over 200 at end of cycle and am still at 200lbs even though i have more body fat now a few months later… I had like no chest, no triceps, no quads at all. I ran marathons and lost alot of the muscle i used to have

I can also send videos of me failing a 230lb bench versus at end getting 300 with ease and 315 with a little struggle. But they were to large of files to post. Why would i lie…

I mainly just want to figure out why i got gyno when off and taking nolva and anastrazole. And since some of my levels are still high, if i should continue anastrazole?

Damn dude. Hell of a response and hell of a job :joy:

I should have clarified that I didn’t doubt the before/after, I doubted the time frame. 8 weeks to add that much muscle is unheard of, so if that’s true - you’ve got an incredible response to very low doses (comparably) of test.

For reference, Rich Piana gained 30lbs in 3 months on 10x your dosage - but he also did that after his muscle development was very advanced.

There are thread after thread of gyno related problems and solutions on here, have you read any of those for more insight?

I’d disagree. As far as I understood the OP he gained a lot of the muscle back. Gaining muscle back is a super fast process. The amount of muscle that can be gained back after losing it in a very short time is absolutely astonishing. If OP indeed gained a lot back I’d say he’s the norm, not the outlier.

E2 isn’t even really that high, but your PRL is. I’d get that sorted out and see if it shrinks the gyno some

What would you recommend to lower the prolcatin? Prescription meds or is there any other options that work well?