Post-PCT Expectations

So I’m currently just about on week 3 of my pct and already feel back to normal (Libido is back, good pumps… etc). Should I expect to feel somewhat of a drop after pct? might be stupid question but I’m curious
Cycle was 8 weeks of test
PCT is Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25

Are you including 2-3 weeks of not doing any test before PCT? If not the test is probably still in your system.
It can be hard to know how your PCT is progressing, due to age, previous sex drive, how long you were shut down, and how long you have been cycling for.
3 weeks is probably not long enough, but some people react differently. You won’t know in the short term how well its coming along unless you get a blood test for your test levels. Keep in mind that PCT drugs are also stimulating your balls at least for a couple of weeks, maybe more after you cease PCT so you might get elevated readings. I usually get my test levels done a week or two before the next cycle to really gauge how successful the PCT was.
Libido and morning wood are good practical indicators but you are going to need more time to be certain.
By the way either just do all Nolva or all Clomid, not both.

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I didn’t count the 2 week ester clearance as PCT… Whats surprised me is how I kind of feel better then I did prior to touching anything. Could it possibly be dropped e2 levels that has me feeling better? anyway thanks for the reply, ill get bloods 6 weeks after pct

Ive got way too much conflicting info so I ended up doing both.

I don’t know about the reason, but I usually feel the best in the PCT period, and a little afterwards. You still have the extra muscle and strength from the last cycle, but your body is not as taxed from excess hormones.