Post PCT Blood Test Results

Hey guys, long time eh?
I got my post PCT blood test results back today. 331 nanograms per deciliter in the morning, no cheating, in fact I had 3 high calorie days directly before this blood test because i was trying to get some relief from my symptoms.
I’ve been struggling to breath again last night and this morning, I don’t have a temperature or cough so I think it’s my hormones.
For the past week or so I have been avoiding cardio, I feel like it might be bad for me right now based on my estrogen level.
The TRT clinic is going to call me on Monday to discuss the results but It would be nice to hear your thought in the meantime.
I think my Testosterone and Estrogen ratio would have been similar before I started self administration of UGL TRT with maybe lower levels based on the symptoms I was experiencing.
Have you guys ever seen prolactin this high in a natty? Should I be worried?
How much lower would my estrogen be at night time?

How much time between the end of your pct and this blood work?

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Hey @iron_yuppie

I just checked, 17 days, I thought it was longer than that, it feels like an eternity since I stopped taking tamoxifen, I think I’ve lost about 13 lbs.
I need to get a intravenous blood test done, how long should I wait?

That’s long enough for the Nolva to wash out and not skew the results. And look, you recovered. Your LH is good, FSH is a little low. Probably get some P5P for the prolactin. Otherwise you got what you paid for. Realistically you’re probably going back to trt at some point here, because your current natural state isn’t going to make you feel all that great.


Thanks for the help @iron_yuppie

Could I take some Caber instead?

Well P5P is harmless and caber is a serious drug. So maybe do the safer one first.


how you feel now?..(libido-ed-motivation etc)

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Hey @peris5325

I feel good Praise the Lord. My breathing has improved since I started this thread, I believe you guys care about me and prayed for me.
My vision was getting blurry towards the end of the day as I was working on the computer at work.
It’s all good in those other departments, Thank God

I asked because your blood work results are (extremely) similar to mine after AAS(with the exception of prolactin) and I notice to myself softer erections and less motivation in comparison to before AAS cycles.

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