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Post Orchiectomy (Testicular Cancer) HRT

Hello, a while ago I posted in the steroids forum about low testosterone (451 total, 24 years old, did inadequate blood work). I found out since then that I had a pure seminoma on my left testicle and had a procedure to remove the testicle and spermatic chord.

My question for the more knowledgeable denizens of the forum is:
Realistically, how capable is one testicle of compensating for both? I have not had my testosterone tested since the orchiectomy, but my right testicle has certainly increased in size. Imaging has been done and it appears that although chemotherapy and radiation are being suggested by the oncologist/urologist, everything looks normal in my blood tumor markers and nothing showed up on the CT scans. I therefore have the option of improving my diet (I also have some other anti-cancer tactics up my sleeve), and going on long-term surveillance which would give me the freedom to do TRT.

I know that you guys would like some blood work to see how much righty is making up for lefty’s absence, but for now, is it possible for one testicle to really compensate for the full steroidogenic capacity of both?

Yes, you should still have very similar T numbers than you did pre-surgery.

I had an orchiectomy due to non-seminoma. Went through chemotherapy as well. My other testicle was damaged by the growth of my other (cancerous) one. Thus my T was rock bottom and my sperm count 0. You shouldn’t have either one of those problems.

Interesting. I will do blood work to ensure that my right teste is still up to par.