Post or Peri HCG?

Heres a question, has it been concluded yet which of these methodologies is best, that is whether mid cycle or post cycle HCG is better? It makes sense to prevent atrophy rather than correct it but I haven’t enough of a basis of comparison myself so I was hoping someone better versed can shine some light or put up some preferences.

I’m particularly curious as to whether one way or the other has more of an impact on natural leutinizing hormone production.

Lots of opinions on this, but I think higher doses over a shorter period (post cycle) are more likely to incur free radical damage to the testes. As far as LH desensitization goes, I’m not sure, but im not as concerned about that. Regardless, take Vit E//mixed tocotrienols to help prevent the oxidative stress, with each dose.

I feel like it’s always best to do things in moderation, such as using hCG during the cycle to not be completely shut down. To me that sounds better than forgetting about your nuts for a few months then bombing your system with tons of hCG, but this is all bro-science I couldn’t cite research to support my point.