post op

This is a long shot, but …
I am recovering from shoulder surgery and, as most of you can imagine, it’s killing me to not be able to workout my upper body. Can anyone point me to any research on unilateral training and its cross over (either neural or otherwise) to the other side of the body? For example: Would it be beneficial to do a unilateral chest press using my “good” arm or is the cross over not effective enough to be worthwhile?

Yes, it would be beneficial to do so. I don’t have the references on hand, but your CNS gains will carry over to the other side.

Second what EC said. Do the exercises.

Those where my thoughts, but after doing an extensive PubMed and google search I couldn’t come up with one reference. I appreciate both of your opinions. Thanks!

yep, client of mine had ACL surgery. We kept working the good leg and the gimpy leg caught up very quickly. Doc said it was the fastest recovery he’s ever seen, so yes, do work the good side, but choose exercises that won’t stress the bad shoulder in any way. You might want to pick low risk exercises like machine presses and DB lateral type movements. I hope your recovery goes well! :slight_smile: