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Post Op GH Dosing

So I will be having surgery in November to repair the labrum in my right hip in November and I was planning on using GH to help speed recovery. I’ve been on gear for a couple years now but I don’t have any experience with GH so I was hoping some of the more experienced guys could give me some insight.

My stats are
Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 185ish
Years training (for powerlifting exclusively): 7

I can provide any other relevant info if needed. Thanks in advance.

Somewhere around 6 IU per day, 2x can help you… even 5 IU can speed up recovery.

If you want a better/ faster recovery you should combine HGH with some steroid…

My wife was on HGH when she had ankle surgery, at only 2 iu’s per day. Doctor was constantly amazed at how fast she was recovering/healing. That was pharm HGH though, if you are getting UGL it might be a good idea to increase dose slightly.

Thanks guys. Ill be combining it with my maintenance dose of test which is 1 shot of 350mg Sus a week

When older deficient folks take hGH, it take around 6 weeks to really feel the benefits. Someone in this group facing surgery and wanting to optimize healing would want to get on hGH well ahead of the surgery.

For someone 25 years old, your baseline GH levels will be very good and things are working quite well already. So while the increased metabolic response will be comparably less, you should get it on board somewhat in advance.

If you are producing 1 IU now, the benefit of the first IU that you will take will be zero as you shutdown your own production. So taking small amounts serves no purpose. 2 IU make get you to IGF-1=300+ which is very good.

With an healing process, there is a lot of inflammation and a series of different growth factors that really get the job done. GH will simply support that process. I have seen a 70 YO woman with a total knee replacement who healed and progressed extremely well. Many do not and dedication to rehab is critical. But in that 70 YO case, you can also assume that HG levels were quite low. So GH is not the only factor. Rehab supports range of motion and circulation. Over all metabolic rate is also important and I could insert my standard rants on thyroid function, iodine, Vit-D3 etc.

Some serum testing of UG GH seems to indicate that it is as good as pharma [reported to me].