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Does anyone here spike their low carb protein with something commercial to “attempt” to achieve a decent post-workout shake?

I’ve contemplated spiking with honey, but this is really not my preferred method.


Hey man right now I am in the same boat. I ran out of Surge and am waiting for the shippment to arrive. What i usually do is have my normal low-Grow shake and also have a gaderade (made from the mix not the bottle)

It is not the best but it works for those in between times.

good luck

Before I started using Surge, I would spike my post workout shake vanilla flavor of course with Welch’s grape juice.

how about maltodextrin? I get a 10 lb tub for 25 dollars at my local supplement store and that would be considered expensive.

Whey+dextrose is all you need

Try Whey + Maltodextrin + Dextrose.

All could be bought dirt cheap.
I’ve seen them online $8 for 10lbs of malto and $2/1lb of dextrose.

Surge and some other post workout formulas however have additional ingredients that make them superior.

Hydrolized proteins, BCAA, and electrolytes, to name only a few.

I don’t know about honey’s insulin response. But I can tell you that usually is is a split between sucrose and fructose, and fructose isn’t too great post workout. But I am sure it is okay. Hey, at least it has some glucose (dextrose).

Good luck,


i just have whey protein and potatoes. I have to wolf em down though.

I had bought some Dextrose from a natural foods store a few years ago, but it made me gag. It was WAY too sweet to get the amount of carbs I needed.

I’ve been in several Supplement stores and haven’t seen Maltodextrin sold. However, I have a friend that recently just bought a supplement store, so I’ll have to see about getting some in to compensate me when I don’t have Surge available (that shit goes too fast).