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post meltdown

after a 10 week OVT phase(192 pounds)
, i started meltdown. some observations were -

after 4 weeks of meltdown, my body weight is now around 185.

  • i have noticed that my upper body has become a little tigheter and smaller but my legs have developed a lot - i guess lot of you would have noticed similar result since there is lot of leg work in meltdown

  • which way should i go from here? i am still at around 13-14% bf and would like to bring it down to under 10 in 2 months. i am going on the t-dawg - 2 and energy system work 2 times a week.

should i do a 2 - 4 week stength/hypertrophy work before going to meltdown or a different fat loss routine like fat to fire, meltdown -2,3 or some thing else.

Strength First. Meltdown II could suffice, assuming you can do the lifts. Then EDT for Fat Loss or Fat to Fire.

Stick with your diet and you’ll be there in no time with those programs.