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Hey Jim,

Congrats on the new book. I cant wait to get it.
I have a 57 year old client that I have used 531 for PLing for a full year. Just to give you her stats:
Squat 120 originally, yesterday 190 for a single on her 531 week a month before her meet.
Bench: 75/115
Deadlift: 240 for a single/275 for 3.

Her meet is a month away. I am throwing ideas around to have her recover after her meet. I have read from Dave Tate that it might be a good idea to take the squat/bench press/deadlift out of the workouts for a month. Is this is a good idea? She’s been riding it hard for 6 months, making great improvements.
Any ideas?


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Always making new friends

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You can take a couple weeks off from training or switch things up - or stay the course. Much has to do with how you program the training and how you approach the TM as well as the general attitude/enthusiasm of the lifter.

There is no right or wrong answer - this is why being a coach/having a ton of experience is so important. You have to know the person, know the situation and then based on your experience, make a decision.

Use your best judgment.

Thanks Jim. I was kind of leaning on that side-common sense and using her history as a guide. I appreciate the advice. I am going to fall back on whatever numbers she hits at her meet and start her at 85% after a week or two of no squats. Her knees are in need of some rest.