Post-Meet Diet/Training for Body Comp and Strength Maintenance

So I just had my last meet October 15th and was looking to focus on improving overall body composition during the next two months before beginning my next meet prep for my competition in April. I have been thinking of having 2 Pulse fast days a week on my bench days and the rest of the week be roughly 3000 cals a day. I currently weigh 210 at 18% bodyfat. I would like to get down to the 195-200 range and look at competing at 198 in April. My training split looks like this for these two months.

Monday: Squat+leg bodybuilding work
Tuesday:Bench+chest and tricep bodybuilding work
Wednesday Squat+leg bodybuilding work
Thursday:Conventional (training opposite stance deadlift for 2 months) +back bodybuilding work
Friday:Bench+shoulder bodybuilding work
Saturday: Squat+arm bodybuilding work

I was curious as to if anyone had tried the pulse fast in the powerlifting community and how well it worked for them, also how it effected their recovery for the workout the following day and energy levels as well. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated as well in terms of what someone would improve. Thanks.