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Post Mag 10

Hi all,

I did a 8 week Mag-10 program. 2 weeks on mag-10, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, and now at the last week of 2 weeks off. I followed the Growth Surge Project (Part II when on mag-10, part III when off) but after completing the 8th week I am not sure how I should desgin my next 4 weeks of training. Should Do Part II again even though I am not using mag-

Any suggestions??? Thanks!

what were your results man?

The main thing I would suggest is that you make sure to keep diet up to your new maintenance K/cal levels or slightly above.

As far as doing part two again, yes, that is a definite option. You might want to sub a few of the excercises for something new to avoid the program getting sterile, and your body adapting. Also, I wouldnt consume the excessive K/cals outlined in the program without the Mag 10 assistance, lower them a little.

I can tell you what has worked for me after completing the Growth surge project is keeping diet hypercaloric for atleast a month, and changing training to a more strength based program (heavy weight/low rep) to solidify the new muscle gained.

I would suggest you do your 2 weeks recovery again and after that you i suggest try and maintain you new weight for a further 2-4 weeks to find your maintenace level.

What were you results???

They must pretty good for an 8 week cycle, considering i went on a 4 week cycle and loved it