Post Mag-10

Hopefully Dr. Roberts will have some input on this one (hint, hint)… Anyway, I’ll be starting my 2nd cycle of Mag-10 soon, but instead of doing the Mag-10 Plan for Success (split training), I’ll be doing the first cycle of Escalating Density Training. Bill Roberts has always noted that it’s important to keep the volume low and the weight heavy immediately following an androgen (or steroid) cycle. My question is, is it OK to do Mag-10 for the first two weeks of EDT and then finish the last two weeks of EDT, or should I follow BR’s advice?

If you can wait, add the MAG-10 during the last 2 weeks of EDT. The volume will be higher and it will be an optimal time to use MAG-10.

Overall though, I think you will be fine if you use MAG-10 during the first 2 weeks and continue with EDT.