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Post MAG-10 Workout

Yo yo T-Freques. Haven’t posted in a bit, but I miss you guys. Really. I mean it, I do. Baby come back to me, ohhh yeah, I’ll treat you right. Mmmmhmmm. Anyhow, I’ve picked up a good 7-8 lbs. so far in a week (and two days) of using MAG-10 and eating sally struthers-sized meals all day. I’m curious as to what the rest of all ya’ll suggest for training post-MAG-10. I’ll be finishing up 4 weeks of EDT, and I’m considering either a strength program (5x5) or just going into shredding mode and hitting the Meltdown. Suggestions? Nice. Lata.

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Monkeyboy the best way from other posts seems to be a relatively lower intensed workout than the one while on Mag-10. EDT? Wish I knew what EDT was so I could recommend something. As far as the meltdown following that goes Im sure it would work since the first two weeks is not all that bad, well not bad for an in shape lifter. But I would probably recommend something more on the lines of GVT2k.

Hey Eric, I’d suggest lower rep strength stuff, but also low volume and don’t go to failure. You want to take it sorta easy coming off MAG-10 to let your body recover, but keep lifting heavy to keep your new muscle. Do this for a 1.5-2 weeks then move on to whatever else you want. Meltdown is tough but fun, a good way to start leaning out.

Looked at your workout logs. Do 5x5 based on OLD records - not new ones. Your body needs to adapt to all your strength, but you want to keep the intensity high. Don’t go to failure! I’d also close out each workout with some super-high rep sets, just to build the tendons up. Consolidate that muscle, baby. After two weeks of 5x5 (and high-rep sets) you can switch to something else. And your muscles will be a LOT harder than they are now. Luck, mate.

Forget the shredding up. Enjoy the new strength and bodyweight for a while. Go for the strength workouts and let the skinny, ab boys hang out by the water fountain and tread-mills.