Post Mag-10 Supps

I have been on Mag-10 for 4 weeks now (double dose). Today is my last day and I started taking clomid that was given to me fo free, instead of the bottle of Tribex and M I bought. I have never taken clomid because I have never done a cycle of real anabolics before. Any thoughts on this? Better worse that Tribex+M combo? Thanks in advance.

This might be a better question on the Steriod forum. They are more knowledgeable on these topics.

most of the time an approved prescription drug is of course going to be better. if clomid can help you recover from a gram of test per week it sure is hell can help you recover from mag-10.

that said, i as well as most i know like to use clomid + tribex post cycle.

This is not about steroids. They are just as many knowledgeble people here, plus I think more people here have expierience with MAG-10.