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Post MAG-10 Cycle

Could anyone who has finished their cycle of MAG-10 post their post MAG-10 results for those of us who are still deciding whether or not to use the product. Specifically, post the following:

  1. How long you were on, and how long you have been off MAG-10.
  2. What is your post Mag-10 cycle caloric intake - maintenance or above maintenance. If above maintenance, by how much?
  3. Amount of muscle size and weight retained.
    Anything else of relevance would be appreciated.

People have been doing that already in the support group thread, but it would be nice to have all results in one place.

I think it would be good to have a post going that is just results. So mine are as follows: I was on Mag 10 for 2 weeks (finished today). The first day I front-loaded with 2 separate doses and only one dose a day after that. Starting weight was 166 and ending weight was 176. I ate approximately 800-1000 calories over maintainence (only logged them the first two days). My poor man’s Surge, consisted of gatorade and 10 grams glutamine during workouts. I also took effervescent creatine (because it is the only creatine I can digest). Biceps up 3/4 of an inch, calves up 1/2 inch, quads and waist stayed the same, and I didn’t measure chest. I used the 6 day a week training schedule reccomended but took an extra rest day after 3 days. Mag-10 is the best supplement I have ever used. Too bad it costs $400 Canadian with shipping and duty for 3 bottles…