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Post Lumbar Spinal Fusion

New to this site and wanted to see if anyone has advice on post spinal fusion and lifting. I’m 2 years post L4-5 spinal fusion and wanted to get back into lifting weights but I’m scared to death of re-injuring my back. My spine is fused but I still suffer from chronic pain,mostly I believe from being so inactive since my surgery. I’m 40,and want my life back. Any advice or people going thru the same thing? Can I squat and deadlift? Thanks in advance

Did the doc clear you to exercise in general? If yes suggest machines only for a while. Would stay away form squats and dl… you are already in pain no need to risk making things worse.

It’ll be highly individual as to what you will be able to do now and the highest level you can get to. I’d look into Dr Stuart McGill’s books and other movement based approaches to addressing back pain.