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Post Lower Back Injury Training

I injured my lower back few months ago, a terrible pain on the tailbone. I avoided squats and deadlifts for a while.
The GP prescribed xray but it will take months before Ill get a visit unless I pay for it, therefore I’ve been taking ibuprofen for a while and had massages few times a month.
The pain subsided so I started to do some posterior chain training so I can start to deadlift again.
Probably the root cause of my injury was glute weakness so I started to do heavy hip thrusts and banded back extensions twice a week.

Did you guys had a similar injury? What helped you the most?

Seeing a qualified professional for a diagnoses and advice, not playing at being a doctor/physical therapist for myself and being patient and conservative with rehab.

If you’re going to just say fuck it Ima start lifting again go slow and feel it out. Monitor symptoms to see if they come back or get worse which is probably a sign what you are doing is inappropriate.

Actually advice is to go see a physical therapist or physiotherapist for a history and physical exam. They can identify the structure/s at fault and guide you in recovery