Post Layers Results

I was about to just post some of my own results after 5 weeks, but I realized this thread would be way more awesome if we all post progress from the Layers program here.


I am beyond impressed with how I am doing so far. I feel great, soreness is kept to a low level, I am training intensely 5x a week…really enjoying it.

Granted I had a lot of room for improvement in front of me, but here are some maxes.

1RM - 52.5 to 75 = +22.5 kg
3RM - 57.5 to 62.5 = +5 kg

1RM - 82.5 to 95 = +12.5 kg
3RM - 62.5 to 85 = +22.5 kg

All my exercises and the 2RMs look like that as well. Anywhere from 5 to 22.5 kg in 3 weeks. Happy is a vast understatement.

Thank you for a simple, effective program CT!

quite weird how your 3rm bench was only 75% of your max?! should be more like 90-95%!

ok since starting the layers back in June(ish), -although i couldnt lift for the whole month of July!

my SGHP has more than doubled -105kg for 3 (pulling to lower sternum)
CGHP coming in at 112.5kg for 3, but this is a new variation for me.

Inc/Dec Tilt have both gona up between 25-30kg

Trap Bar Squats gone up about 40kg which is awesome!

my favourite gains have been in my look - gained 18lbs whilst maintaining leaness (maybe 1 or 2lb of fat).
-i was an ‘advanced beginner’ when i started and this was the first routine i actually sorted out my nutrition for!! tweaked the layers for my own goals about 4 weeks ago, meaning that 4lbs of my gains came from the last 3 weeks :slight_smile:

My grip is the culprit since I am not using straps. One way or another I failed at 65 kg for the 3rd rep, got about 3/4 of the rep, but that 75 sure as hell made my nipple line (and my brain nearly exploded.) I do contribute some of those gains to improving in the mechanics department, but gains are gains.

Pro (newb) tip - a shirt with a clear mark for your target really helps on the SGHP. But then again, I have no mirror in the gym.

edit - I have definitely noticed visible changes to the physique. I have new veins popping in places I never expected and my upper body all around looks better. Not hard to do with my mostly skinny starting point but it’s a nice feat to achieve.