Post Knee Surgery Recovery - HGH?

Hey guys,

Big fan of the site. Looking for some help as I just had knee surgery to clean out cartilage damage and a meniscus tear. Also have some ligament damage but the recovery time for a repair doesn’t fit my timetable. I’m 26 years old and looking to continue playing football (just amateur tackle with my old high school teammates) in the fall, we just can’t hang um up. The doctors are saying around 12 weeks which could force me out of the majority of my season. Here are some basic stats that seem necessary on the site for a formal reply -

Height - 6’2
Weight - 240
Age - 26
Years Training - 10

I’m looking for advice during this tough time. After doing some research and having general knowledge of HGH through past visits, I have concluded that taking 1-2 IU of GH for a few months could drastically help improve my recovery time and overall ligament strength. I’m hoping to find someone with past GH use of any sorts, be it injury recovery or any other use, to advise me on a potential trial.

Any information or suggestions would help. Not sure as to where I could come across the gear, and I know the rules so I wont be asking on the site, but is there a price I could assume for say 3 months of 1-2 IU daily?

Thanks in advance for your help!