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Post Injury

Well not post injury, more like post-pain-more-bearable, what are you guys’ take on whether to let joint/muscle completely rest or doing light eccentrics???

I’d say it depends on the type of the injury, so it is hard to say. But for both my shoulder injury and wrist tendinitis, eccentric-only training helped me more than complete rest. Good luck!

A broad rule of thumb for all injuries is that activity is better than not.

The days of complete bed rest for an injury are over. However the type of activity you do (obviously) is very important. If in doubt, don’t do it.

You should see a physio and tell them what you’ve down and ask for a treatment plan. Let them know that you can rehab yourself but you need guidance on what exercises to do.

The internet is also good if you want to go it all alone. 'luck.

I’m just a bit confused, cause I’ve seen PTs and one diagnosed me with a problem in the AC joint, the other said clearly the rotator cuff…

well most of my pain is along the front side of the deltoid.

so if doing eccentrics which exercises would I be doing?