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Post-Injury Supps and Routine

Post-Injury Supps and Routineeeks into an ac separation injury (grade 1), and I have probably another 3 or 4 weeks to go before I can get back in to lifting… I am a very experienced, intermediate to advanced lifter, and have been lifting for many years. My questions to you guys are the following:

  1. What is a powerful, potent supplement or stack that I can take for a month or two to really help jumpstart my body when I get back in to lifting? Over the years I have obviously taken plenty of protein, given different creatines a try, and have experimented with various pre- and intra-workout supplements. But now, with this injury and not lifting for what will amount to about 2 months, I’m looking for something quite a bit stronger to really get me going and get myself back to where I was pre-injury… Any suggestions and personal experiences with anything like this will be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Does anyone have any routines that they recommend or have used, possibly specifically post-injury, to really get the muscles pumping again and quickly gain back size and strength that has been lost. I typically lift 4-5x a week so any routine in that range will be great. I really want a routine that can pack on both size and strength as quickly as possible (although isn’t this everyone’s goal anyways! lol) By the time I am healed I may end up in the gym 7 days a week with how much I’ve missed it, so any suggestions here are also very much appreciated!

Thanks all.