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Post Injury Program Help

I have been lifting for almost 3 years now using mainly linear progression of throw on weight when I can handle it, and it worked well up until recently.I got my squat up to 355 sumo dead to 420 and bench to 220, unfortunately from a combination of being stupid and not backing off when I felt pain trying to increase my dead, mixed with beginning running And some other influences, I fucked up my leg real bad had a problem with my hip and acl and really strained my quads. Anyway to the actual question, I started squatting and deadlifting again a few months ago, but lost a lot of strength. I haven’t maxed out because it’s too early coming back from injury, but I’d project my squat at 285 and dead at 340, so significant decrease. I was wondering if I should try increasing linearly again because I’m a novice ( though it would be more carefully) or if I should get on a powerlifting program and if so, which one. I’m new to powerlifting and this site so any info and opinions are appreciated. It might be too early to tell but I feel like I may have stopped responding as well to linear progression. I was previously training for general strength mainly, but I’m wanting to get serious about powerlifting and eventually participate in a meet.

Linear progression sounds like a good plan. There is no need to max out outside of a meet, especially if you are a novice.

Yeah that seems like the way to go, thinking about it now. Thanks for the reply and advice.