Post-Injection Test Enth

So been doing two shots per week (1ml each) of test e 250.

The day after injection I feel very fatigued and unwell. Injection site swollen for a couple days usually.

I’ve done many cycles before this but it has been almost a year since my last one.

Never have had these side effects. Ever. Is it normal since I’ve taken so much time off??

Did you get your Test from same source?

They might be using a different carrier oil which your body doesn’t like. Quite a lot of people appear to be allergic to EO

Same here!Done the cycle before, yet this time I’m in great pain and unwell.Symptoms: swollen area which seems to increase every day, pain for 3-4 days feeling hot and unwell sensation.

Quick quick research shown potential causes: bacteria infiltrated in the viral from production, change in the oil as per reply above .Thinking do see a doctor

Yeah same source I’ve used for 3 years

I’m thinking it may be the oil. The “flu” feeling only lasts for maybe 1 day post injection. Soreness from pin probably 3 days