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Post-Injection Soreness: What's too Much?


Ok, so last night I did my first injection ever last night (250mg sust, in the upper right thigh). The injection itself was completely painless and there was no bleeding at all. When I woke up today, the injection site was a little sore, but nothing too bad. It got worse as the day progressed to the point where walking became very painful. There's no discoloration in the area. I kind of felt like shit all day and had a horrible workout (this of course may have nothing to do with the injection).

Is this amount of soreness normal? Could this be an infection?


I personally dont get sore at all from prop injections as most do, however ive used some sus in the past that after a leg shot I was not even able to squat down on that leg as the pain was almost unbearable.


Are sust injections notoriously painful? I feel like I've seen similar comments on this board before.


Sus, prop and anything with too high of a BA content are known to make you feel like you have been kicked in the leg by a mule.


Does this get better as the body adjusts to the injections?


It seems to get better depending on the site. Legs get a lot better over time. You might be limping after the first two times, but then it's like nothing afterwards. But the bicep, for instance, doesn't seem to adjust as well. IMO anyways..


my first cycle which i used andropen was painful throughout the entire duration. It sucked.


Not me. I think your using 5ml stealth? The only thing that worked for me to kill the pain, was to cut it 50/50 with cottonseed oil. I've tried just about every other method out there.


how high was the shot
maybe post a pic

i have recently maybe 2 1/2 weeks ago had a bad leg shot and it still hurts ....although ive never heard any other instances like mine injecting the quad too high can inflame the femoral nerve......not to scare ya

like i said though probably very rare chance


Yeah, it was pretty high up, right in the meatiest part of the thigh. I think I'm going with the buttocks next.



no homo.


I have always seen sust as a painful injection, like u said, the following few days. Just make sure it does not get red, itch or spread and it is just muscle soreness that will go away. Nothing to worry about


Nothing to worry about as long as there is no redness or swelling. Sustanon can be very painful ESPECIALLY if this is your first run with AAS. And quad injections in general can be more painful than other sites. As already stated... "In the ass FTW"

Out of curiosity what size needle are you using?



25 gauge, 1"


You just lost T-points with me from that comment. I never want to see that BB-oriented comment again.

I was always thinking that leg injections would be the least painful. Though I have had both shoulder and ass injections before and no leg injections, so I have nothing to compare them to.


I took a prop shot in the delt and this was after I brewed it up and it had no BA or BB in it at all.
minutes after it was a little itchy and warm but that went away and then got sore

it started out alright but then it was sore for 3 days after.I thought I had just messed up and injected some nasties. but nothing ever happened no fever no redness swelling nothing.
I have never had anything like that with my deca shots so I am thinking ya prop is kind of a pain.
cant comment on sust though sorry never had it personally.


well i would disagree legs are always painful for me! but i still think its an ideal first time spot. as you can sit down use two hands and see all thats going on

kinda a catch 22


I definitely had some soreness after injecting Sus 250 in my quads...holy shit, I was injecting 125mg/EOD and my stupid ass put the first shot in one leg and the very next shot in the other leg. Needless to say, I was fucked for like a week.