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Post Injection Pain, Warm and Swollen

Hey guys, used to get injections by the TRT clinic in my glutes, never a problem. They did the injections. Moved to a endocrinologist and they put me on gel which failed but now have me on IM injections, which I am administering myself.

My first one didn’t hurt at all. My second one, 2 says ago is fracking killing me! My whole right quad is sore but a couple inches below my injection sight towards my knee is swollen and most painful. Kinda hot to the touch too.

This ever happen to you guys? Normal every now and then or cause for concern? I’m literally limping because the quad is so sore.

By the way, no pain whatsoever during the injection. I aspirated, no blood, and no bleeding after.

Dont inject there anymore, the quad has too many nerves running through it. Inject in the Ventroglute and dont poke the same side on the same spot.


Might be a bit tough for me to do my own glute. I’m a bit of a fatty and overcoming a back injury so I’m not sure if I can twist enough. My wife is a pussy when it comes to needles so Im on my own.

What about the delts?

Ventrogluteal, not glute. Google ventrogluteal injection.

Sounds like an infection if it’s hot to the touch. How good did you swab the area? This is not a nreve thing, and many people inject in the quads. I inject there about 90% of the time, no issues. I have never injected glute or ventroglute, and never will. It’s a stupid injection choice, especially for big guys. There is literally zero chance of me reaching back there and being steady enough to pull off an injection. Go see a doc, you probably need antibiotics.

I used an alcohol swab and covered the area pretty good. New needle in a sealed package. Swabbed the bottle too.

I’ll be calling the doc tomorrow to see what they say.

The glute is on the backside. Ventroglute is on your side so no need to twist. But he may have an infection as you pointed out.

The thing is, it could even be staph, which is on your skin and a lot of other places and can easily get in through any opening. Sometimes you just get unlucky. I had a lovley staph infection in my leg from kneeling in a parking lot to look under my truck at something. If it wasn’t hot, I would think that it’s probably just a thing and no worries, hopefully it doesn’t happen again. The being hot part means go see a doc.

My brother got a staph infection in his hand, probably from his work in restaurant kitchen doing food prep. Never had any cut, nick or abrasion that could identified. Hand swelled up like a catchers mitt. Was hospitalized for about 2 weeks to get the infection under control, it sucked.

He told me later that apparently a good way to speed up admissions through an ER is to show them your bright red hand that’s 2-3 times normal size.

Woah holy crap guys. Thanks for cranking up my anxiety. At the moment it isn’t warm at all, same temp as my other thigh. No redness or bruising either.

Just sore as hell and a little swollen a few inches from the injection sight.

I’ll be calling the doc in the AM to see what they think.

What you described does sound rather infectionish, but I’ve also heard of something similar happening with a testosterone oil subQ, ie going to shallow and putting the oil into the fat. Pretty rare, as some guys always inject subQ, but can happen.

Alright homies, just got back from the doc. No infection. It’s not red and if it were infected it would be at least pink but likely fire engine red.

My quad isn’t sore today either, just the lump and swelling a couple inches below the injection towards my knee.

She thinks I probably poked through a vein and caused some bleeding which explains the swollen part. The pressure from the blood probably made a nerve angry.

So if the pain keeps going away, it doesn’t get swollen or red, and I don’t get a fever…I’m good.

Jeebus, and this was my first injection at home. Great track record so far.

In that case, the heating pad is your friend! I’ve been told it helps a ton with an internal bleeder.

Yep! That’s what the doc said. Today the pain is more or less gone, unless I push on the swollen part but even that isnt bad.

Was just a bit scary, considering it was my first at home injection.

In hindsight, I think I was a little too high up onto the top of my leg…probably should have been more to the side.