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Post Injection Pain, Thigh Swelling

I’ve injected my thigh with 150 deca and 125 test e. For the last 2 days it has been hurting in that spot and it became visibly bigger than my other thigh. Any ideas? (I do not promote the use of steroids)

Need a lot more info. First shot ever? Concentration of gear? How many mLs total?

Yes, first shot ever to the muscle. The syringe contained around 150mg of deca and 125mg of test e. The concentration is 200mg/ml deca and 250mg/ml test e all in the same syringe. I asked a friend and he advised me to do it in the buttocks.

Then your response to the shot was pretty much normal. Virgin muscle doesn’t take lightly to having that much gear injected at one time in the beginning. We’ve all been through it. It gets better. Be sure to move your pin locations around.

You could change over to 1/2" pins and shoot delts and breakup your shots over the week so you’re not putting as much in at a single time.

Sorry, I’m pretty confused. If I do it in my buttock the next time will it hurt just as much or?? I do 150mg deca and 125 test 2 times a week. What are 1/2" pins? I’m European, guessing those are inches

Sorry for the confusion. Any sizable dose of gear into virgin muscle will likely cause some post injection pain (PIP). It takes a while for this to go away.

Some things to help are: massaging the area after injecting (which spreads the oil around helping dispersion), reducing the volume of the injection, and injecting smaller amounts more often over the week so you still total your weekly dose.

Yes, we measure needle length and diameter. Diameter is termed as “gauge” so a 27 gauge, 1/2 inch needle will cause less damage than a 18 gauge, 1 1/2 inch needle. See?

No, you would divide your total weekly dose in 1/2. If your weekly dose is 150 mg deca and 125 mg test, then you would inject 75 mg deca and 62.5 mg test

My weekly dose is 300mg deca and 250mg test. I use 23 gauge needles. I’ll try your tips and if I now do it to my buttocks it will still hurt, correct?

Any virgin muscle is going to have PIP. If your gear has a high benzyl alcohol content, it can cause PIP. However, it should be better in your glutes since you work those more in daily life. Be patient, it takes time but if you want the results, you gotta live with it. It gets better.

For most people the glutes will tolerate post injection pain better than the quads. Quads take most of your bodyweight, and need to bend a lot, so you are affected by the pain worse.

Glute injections look quite complicated to me. Is there a good guide you could show me? I do this alone.

Glute is easiest. I started pinning upper quarter (outside) like its recommend. Now I pin everywhere because of adhesion’s (not sure if its right word… sorry). Never had blood after aspiration but It happened few times in quads. I think everyone should start with glutes, in worst case scenario, better to cut glute than shoulder or quads.

I myslef had PIP first three months of pinning… took a lot time for my muscles to get used to it.

This is where I pin my quads. Minimal pain and bleeding.

But everybody is different. I got tired of all the muscle twitching

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I did it in my buttocks today from the side of it, no pain at all yet. First one I did was in the vastus lateralis