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Post Injection Pain In Left Arm

Hi All,

In into week 11 of cycle, never had an issue with deltoid injection. Always swapping needles, all clean and alcohol swabs, however after last Thursday 1ml/300mg TRT (T enanthate) my arm feel in pain still in day 4 post infection and I feel lump in muscles, like trapped liquid. It is not affecting my lift heavily, however arm raises got painful on this hand (left).

I would expect this is kind of inflammatory reaction, however not sure what to do, please advice.


Is it hot to the touch? Picture?

The one with tattoos is affected on outside of shoulder rotator area.

There is not much difference in temperature I would say.

In past was told to aspire and check if liquid occurs regarding ponteciak cyst, however it was just Chinese Whispers.

Thanks for support

Did you start a new vial, or had you been using the same vial on earlier injections with no issue?

It doesn’t sound like anything to worry about, if its just PIP. When I used to inject UGL gear I would sometimes get a bolus / deposit of oil, especially if it was 2 or 3ml. It disapates slowly after a week or so.
PIP can be weird, you don’t get any for a long time, then you inject seemingly doing nothing different and you get PIP.

New vial first injection, correct.

To be honest never had reaction like this at all, so as you can imagine it get me confused a bit.

I think these pictures show it better.

If it’s not red and hot to the touch yet, then I wouldn’t be too concerned yet. If it starts getting hot or pain not going away after 7-8 days then I would start to worry.

Is it a different brand, or batch than you used before? Does it have any different ingredients, eg ethyl oleate? Ethyl oleate can give painful swelling in some people. If the new stuff has ethyl oleate and the old stuff didn’t, the only way around it will be to get fresh gear without any EO. 250mg/ml test doesn’t need any EO to dissolve it. Its usually found in high concentration gear like 400mg/ml test.Some labs use it for normal concentration gear.

When I used to brew my own gear, I noticed that freshly brewed stuff gave me more PIP, than gear that was brewed say 6 months before, which never gave me PIP.

@Beyond_Beyond it is new batch same supplier, no issues with previous one whatsoever. I have done SMR and cold pressure pad on this shoulder, it helped, lump have got smaller and it moved to biceps brachii area, significantly smaller in size, and currently it do not restrict any motion.

Also thanks for helping, you guys are brilliant