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Post injection Lumps

ive got some questions i need to have answered so please comment with personal experiences. Ive started my 1st cycle of test enanthate… post injection im getting lumps that are about 2 inches in diameter and maybe .25/.5 inches high. this is only my third week… i started with .5cc then went .75 cc now on 3rd week i started 1cc per (twice a week all along). im using 23ga 1inch pins, everything was ordered sterile, wipe bottle pre withdrawl of test and switch needles pre injection and clean in circular motion as well.

my question is why am i getting these"lumps"??? they are usually color less and not very painful unless pressed. today, after 1st 1cc in left leg, it is about a 1inch diamenter .25 inch high lump, slightly itchy and barely flushed red… doesnt hurt, no temperature, feeling great… any ideas? my roomate seems to think it may be an infection

I don’t think it’s infection if you get them every time, and they go away quickly (I’m guessing otherwise you’d say you still have them). Also, you’d probably get some puss/discharge with an infection that big.

Just to let you know, you can switch to 25g - it makes a big difference. I used to do 23g and the switch to 25g made my muscles happy. Dumb question, but you are putting the needle all the way in, right? Sorry, had to ask. If you aren’t going all the way in, it could be the injection building up under the skin, though I think this would be a hard thing to achieve consistently.

The itchiness and slight redness indicate an allergic reaction, maybe? Is there a chance you have allergies to either the needle material or the alcohol wipes? This makes the most sense to me as it is localized at the injection site. I’ve never heard of someone being allergic to a particular Ester, but maybe your body doesn’t like Enanthate? Try taking some claritin or benedryl, and if that helps then you know what the problem is. Then you have to find out which aspect (needle, alcohol, juice) is causing it.

My 2 cents…

thanks for the comment, they do disappear in 3-5 days typically, no puss on discharge. on the pin im going in until there is maybe an eighth of an inch left at most. just spoke with the lab, said o try cutting it with another oil.

and after thinking about the itchyness/redness might be something todo with the 1st time areas ever been shaved then wiping with alchohol… its a small itch and just on the surface.
thinking about posting a picture… think that would help?

check the pics out

You don’t need to shave the area…