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Post-Indigo Carb Intake


Just finished several months of indigo, and my carbs were high, as suggested. Specifically, I need assistance with how to attack carbs around my workout.

For instance:
While on Indigo, the following was my protocol, and it served me quite well:
112 g of carbs from ground oats (my super shake).
40 mins later – Plazma 2 scoops (or surge, if the intensity was lower).

And that was before and during the workout. Carbs were ingested throughout the day.

Now, post-indigo, would it be advisable to KEEP that protocol (minus Plazma/Surge [cause budget]) and eliminate carbs at all other times?

Of course, I’d probably want to get some carbs after a high intensity workout, or one high in volume.

The main concern is 112 g of carbs at once without the buffer of indigo to help out. I’ve been continuing this for several days and don’t notice any real change, but I’d like to get some suggestions from others.

Much thanks.