Post IM Injection Pain

Made my first TRT injection Monday and, well, didn’t do a great job.

25 gauge 5/8 IM injection of 0.35 ml of cyp into inner part of thigh about 4 inches up from knee.

Slightly painful right after injection but no swelling, next day still slightly sore and tender to the touch but no discoloration and very little to no swelling. Decided to go to the gym and had a good workout, did some cardio and some lifting. Soreness got worse after I cooled down from the workout, and is yet worse today (limping around now). Still no discoloration and still just slightly swollen.

I assume it’s probably a wait it out scenario and it will heal in time, that I may have hit the lymphatic system do to bad injection site and also probably triggered a bigger inflammation response by working out on it. Just wanted to get any advice on symptoms to look out for and ways to help it heal faster (right now planning on advil, icing, sauna, stretching, and holding off on exercise).

Tomorrows injection I will be using my 30 gauge 1/2 insulin needles I have for hCG and doing SQ in the thigh or belly.

I use 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads, it’s painless. You will find there are places that don’t tolerate injections and other places that do.

Injecting in the thigh would be considered IM, not SQ.

I thought I read consensus was to pinch the skin and inject parallel to muscle to make it SQ, as it makes for a more even release over time

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I don’t know about you, but I have almost no fat in my thighs, you’re not injecting into skin, you need to inject into fat tissue.

Inject into your love handles, no need to pinch the skin, the only reason to pinch the skin is so you don’t feel the needle.

When I was doing DQ I went at a 90 degree angle.

This is probably why you are having problems. Usually shots are done on the outer portion, the vastus lateralus. . Some areas just hurt on the thigh, I tried my tear drop, which is about 3 inches above the knee, and it was very painful. Inject Delts or outside thigh for IM.

When I was researching IM many I talked with, not a member of this forum back then, This was the injection site recommended. X marks the spot. I honestly never tried it I really like sub Q

Had almost the exact same issue with PIP last week. Been injecting 5 times a week for the last 2.5 years, never had an issue. After a brief TRT hiatus for 3 months I just started back up. Two weeks into it, injected Monday into thigh like normal, 29 gauge 5/8in. needle. By the weekend it got worse and hurt to walk with a large area ~5 inches in diameter seemed pinkish around the site. Went to urgent care Saturday, while they couldnt confirm an infection or anything serious, I got put on antibiotics. Still on them and still feel a slight pain in the thigh to the touch. Really strange.

Inner thigh is a terrible location. Meaty part of the thigh, front middle to upper outer portion works well for IM. If you have any belly fat, go at an angle on the front at least an inch from the bellybutton. You may find sensitive spots, as little as 1/4 inch one way or the other may be painless.