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post ian king work out

I am almost at the end of ian king’s 12 week chest and back routine.2 big thumbs up by the way.I Am now planing to do the great guns work out next wich leaves 2 days per week to do my chest back shoulders and legs.So what workout is recomanded after that kind of back,chest program and not to aggrevate your shoulders more. Cause I remember Ian Saying not to do this work out more than once a year because of your shoulders.Just point me to the routine you suggest and I’ll do the surch! T.YOU

Which 12 weeker are you finishing? Super strength? If so you can always carry on and do his Bring the pain upper and lower, which is a good follow up. There was a split given to go along with great guns I think in Reader Mail approx 12 months ago (sorry not more specific). I also think it has been given on Ian’s site a few times www.getbuffed.net

yes it is and my shoulder are starting to feel the pinch that is why im a little picky which routine to do with the great guns program. I will check out those two to see what I can find Thanks!

If you will be doing the “Arms” program, then you must decrease volume for the rest of your body. Use a program that will maintain the gains you made during the last program, without digressing or agressing. My favourite method of doing this is to use high intensity and very low volume. The high intensity(measured as % of 1-rep max.) should be above 80% for most people to allow for about 3-5 reps. Only do 3-4 sets per BODYPART, not exercise, twice per week. This should be enough work to maintain the gains and strength you made from the previous program without interfering with the goals of the “Arms Specialization” program.