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Post Hypertrophy Strength Phase



I had a question regarding my plan after completing the Reactive Pump program. I want to set up a template to hold on to my gains post program.

In the past Layers it seems 2 days of high pulling really puts a lot of mass on my traps, so much its beginning to be unbalanced per my genetics. They are beginning to be my "prize" muscle much like my calves already are...trying to stem away from that and balance out arms, and the rest of the body more.

So I was going to create a template to the effect of:

A) Normal Strength Layers with only one high pull day, and placing a shoulder press day in. Adding in some rear delt iso assistance work.


B) Normal Strength Layers with no high pull days and two shoulder press days. Adding in some barbell trap raises and rear delt iso work on each shoulder press day.

When you have a sec let me know your thoughts.


I had the same problem. I just swaped them out for other stuff...do what you feel is a good use of time. Stick to the thibs principles



Thanks for that. Yeah I when I was hitting SGHP's for one day a week the growth was more maintenance. As I went the past two months twice a week, things really started growing.

I think I'll hit the Shoulder Press twice a week and do some rear delt and trap, mid back assistance work, like the HP Mass stuff. I could use a shoulder press increase poundage wise.


You should really learn the push press. I'm currently not doing any high pulls and it's maintained my high pull trap mass while puttin on the shoulders...really great move


i'm currently on a shoulder focused plan; push pressing twice a week, SGHP's once a week.... astonishing deltoid growth in the last few weeks.


Are these power clean and push presses? or just push presses?



Yeah you think the push press would me more beneficial? More like a complex High Pull move for the legs as well I would think.

Can you do push presses off the pins with starting with a bent knee??? I wonder? As Standing shoulder presses I would be doing off the pins for more power and saving the CNS.


Are you guys doing push presses with a false (palm) grip? Full grip bothers my shoulders and feels more awkward. Also, it may just be me, but my wrist/elbow joints always feel strained when doing heavy overhead presses (but not flat presses)


i use wrist wraps when i feel the need. they help a lot.


Yes Sigil.
Once you get the hang of them, you won't wanna press any other way!


I press a lot, using Thibs layers system. I've found that it maintains my trap mass just fine without any direct work.

Also, I do LOTS of targeted rear-delt work, and since I begun doing that, my shoulders look so much thicker and balanced.
Face pulls are great, I use em, but my weapon of choice for rear delts is the reverse pec-dec flye. I'll do at least 4-6 sets on this 3-4 times a week, using constant tension and varying reps ranges. Eg 6 sets of 6 heavy, or 4 sets of 15 using a extended sets HDL setup of say 10 reps-rest 15 sec- 5 reps...done (that's one set).

I love doing huge all-out-bring-on-the-excrutiating-pain monster drop sets (Meadows style) once a week too. Reverse pec dec flye works GREAT for this :slightly_smiling:


@ PKS:

Nice yeah, Ill get more out of the Pressing by using it twice a week rather than the SGHP split I'm sure. Makes sense the traps will stay put mass wise.


OHHHHHHHH... wait a second. What about the Low Pull???? Clean grip I think was the call...are these more for shoulders?? I can remember less trap involvement?


Low pulls are never for shoulders, the shoulders do not come into play much with these. To get the shoulders involved it has to be a high pull


have you ever tried the pec deck rear delt machine with the settings so that you get a shorter range of motion? it's kinda like partials similar to meadows thing but in the final part of the range of motion where the rear delts work the most


Is even possible to do a pushpress from pins?


Technically yes... set the pins at a height for which you have to bend down into a quarter squat to get under. From that position you would explode upward like a regular push press. Not a movement I would use myself, but it's doable.


you do read all these posts. and step in where needed. nice


Oooh, no I haven't... Sounds good (brutally painful) tho! I'll be giving that setup a try, cheers.


cool let me know how it works out for you .... rear delts are awesome to develop