Post HOT-ROX Extreme Guide

So I’ve been taking either a half dose or a full dose of HRX for about two months now and I’m about to cycle off of it. Is there any way to quantify the changes I should expect to see from no longer taking this? I would assume that my calorie intake should decrease a little but I have no idea how much. Anyone who has cycled this a few times have any input?

My goal is fat loss and LBM retention so I tend to be close or just under maintenance most of the time.


If your goal is fat loss and LBM maintence, why stop taking it?

Depending on how clean your diet is, you can expect to gain a little bit of flab. Obviously, the cleaner the better.

Or, you could add a session or two of cardio a week.

I duno, I just stopped taking them, didn’t cycle them out. Did a big workout and ate big in the same day the last day I stopped. Seemed to work out A-OK.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
If your goal is fat loss and LBM maintence, why stop taking it?[/quote]

You burn out and build a pretty strong resistance to it. Its a powerful drug, I wouldn’t take it longer then a month again.
Last time I took it for 6 weeks and I was starting to feel like I might be looking at side effects.

I’ve taken it off and on for a while now and I can tell that after about 3 weeks on the full dose I don’t get the same effects. I can feel a warm feeling while on it which stops after a few weeks on it. After about 1-2 weeks off it comes back.

i read on (the fitness expert they have on there) said you dont need to cycle off, and can just come off as ther are no re-bound effects. heres the link
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