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Post HOT-ROX Diet Adjustments

I’m an FFB about to finish 8 weeks of T-Dawg with HOT-ROX. At 2000 cals/day I lost 1.5 lbs/week with no noticable strength or muscle loss.

My goal is to eventually start building on my strength and size again during the summer. However, my FFB body loves packing on fat. I want to minimize this.

Now to my question- how should I adjust my calories after I’m done using HOT-ROX? How will my body react at this calorie level after the HOT-ROX is gone? That is, will it start catabolizing muscle or will the fat-loss simply end, thus making 2000 cals/day my new maintenance level?

Id suggest you come off the HOT-ROX with a small increase in K/cals. 250 a day or so. This should give you natural metabolism a little boost.

Thn simply take it slow adjusting your intake bi weekly or so to the results you recieve. Remember that your k/cal intake to maintain will be lower now that you have lost the fat.

So simply check your results if you stop gaining 1 lb or 2 MAX a week then increase your intake again.

This type of plan is laid out in Massive Eating Reloaded as well.

Good work keep it up,