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Post-Hospital, Getting Back to Training

what’s up guys (and t-vixens)…

1st post…lurked for about 2 years and just recently started using the information on here:
compound lifts and lotsa milk/protein/calories/nutrition etc

I got extremely sick last year (hospital) and once I got better i decided to lift for real. goddamn, what a year…anyway… :slight_smile:

although i’m still REALLY weak/small I thought I would post some stats:

start weight 150lb
“granny strength”

gained 37 pounds in 9 weeks…which i’m fuckin STOKED about post-sickness, even tho its lotsa adipose! but lots of strength gains too (for me).

9 weeks:

RDL went from 110 (wtFFFFFFFF???) to 340…which is still lame but a huuuuuge improvement for me at this point.

squat- went from 70 (literally) to 225 currently…

bench is retarded too- only 140 for now (fail!)…but could not do 5 pushups post-hospital.

just wanted to say hello to all and that you guys REALLY, REALLY motivated me to get better, so thank you…especially the t-vixens…omg!

looking for no pussy/sympathy points, just saying hello. trying to tell the story w/o sounding like a total sap…

anyone else coming off hospitalization??

T-Nation rules… ftw

good job dude, i can appreciate what it’s like for someone that size to make progress. I went from 130 to around 155 and it was a bitch, what you did in a much shorter timeframe is awesome.

welcome to posting!

Incredible job. To make strength gains like that in a little over two months is amazing, beginner gains or not. Whether you want those points or not, you got them from me. Respect.

[quote]metal.head wrote:

anyone else coming off hospitalization??

Yeah, I’m just getting back from major open heart surgery 3 months ago. It was a total freak thing and completely unexpected.

I was really starting to make solid progress at that point as well. Lost 20 lbs in the hospital in 1 week and wasn’t cleared to lift anything even remotely heavy until a week and a half ago.

Stats prior to surgery:
5’ 9.5"
415# deadlift
250# bench
350# squat

If I can get back to that point in the next year, I will be very happy. Right now, I am nowhere close. It’s frustrating to lose so much work, but I’m pretty lucky to be alive, so I’m not too bitter about it.

Great work in getting back in the gym and making progress. Keep it up.

Good job!

thanks for the support guys…

like I said, a bunch of that weight is fat, but i’ll take it at this point…

mouldsie, I bet your bulk was way cleaner than mine (i was pretty stoked and kinda went overboard with the calories and whole milk-I was drinking 10 gallons per week) what were your strength gains during that time?

rundymc, thanks for the ‘points’ man…

jstines, for guys like us, we really gotta see the big picture that the reaper wasn’t too far away…and it was fucking depressing to see my body waste away like that too. but you had some nice lifts and you’ll get it back… ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ is pretty fitting…

so thanks again… :slight_smile:

(…not a bad avatar, huh?)