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Post HIIT Nutrition

I was going to start doing HIIT 3x’s a week on my off days first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. With an ECA stack before hand. I was wondering what i should eat after HIIT?Thanx

Maltodextrin (.2-.4g/lb of LBM) and Whey Protein (.1-.2g/lb of LBM). Include 5 grams of both BCAA’s and glutamine if you are doing it in the morning on an empty stomach. Go w/ the lower end of the range if on a severe diet, or the higher end if on a more moderate cut.

Eat a meal with fibrous cabs. or low glycemic carbs and protein w/out or minimizing fat. No need to spike insulin after HIIT. If you lift on the same day or at the same instance have a postworkout shake with WPI or Hydro protein and atleast 50g glucose(grape juice has worked great for me).

well i am dieting, whith Berardis requirments. 2900 cals. Im in college, so i kinda wantred to be able to come back up into the cafe and eat, but ill porbably just swing through and take a bunch of fruit, then do hit and go to class. I don’t have malto, but i do have dextrose, and bcaa’s and glutamine. I thought glutamine was ineffective? im not using glutamine or bcaa’s right now at all…should i still use them post hit?

There’s a thread titled “El_Mac’s stupid question of the week” where this was covered nicely. I think that you should consume fewer calories than you burned, but post-workout P+C is still in order

I would certainly say that high GI carbs are in order as your body is primed to suck em right up after such a demanding workout.

how bout a serving of whey, and an orange?

and how long after should i go back and have a whole food meal?

another question, how many intervals should i do? i was planning on going 30 sec sprint 90 jogx12. Im hopping this should take around 20 mins.

hey Ryan, I wouldn’t get too freaked out about what to eat, just make sure you get some quality carbs and protein a little while after, and orange and whey is fine (maybe with a few fish oil caps or flax oil). Remember, it is total caloric intake throughout the day that is the principle determinant of fat loss, hormonal regulation aside. Just make sure you stay away from processed carbs, and eat a balanced P+C+F meal.

The Malto is much cheaper than an orange and much more optimal. Pick up some ultra fuel at vitaglo.com; its free shippin for orders over 20 dollars.

Ultra fuel is basically flavored maltodextrin.

Since you are doing cardio on an empty stomach in a fasted state, I believe the L-glutamine will help prevent muscle catabolism in this special circumstance.

when i look at the ultra fuel… it says a serving is 16oz, but the hole bottle is 18oz. something is wrong here? and its 18$ a bottle.
How bout 10lb of dextrose for 11$