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post HIIT nutrition

Kelly, I read the articles you wrote for Intensity Magazine concerning BCAA supplementation. I want to add some HIIT sessions to my fat loss cycle but I am on a keto diet so I don’t want to use any carbs. Now I am not looking for an anabolic response from the BCAA cocktail but more along the lines of aiding in energy for the workouts. It seemed to me that your articles focused primarily on the ability of BCAA’s to build muscle. I’m using methoxy and 4AD-EC right now so that is why I don’t need the BCAA’s to help with muscle repair. So my question: What dosage do you suggest to help as an energy substrate for these workouts? Thanks in advance.

Hey sorry it took me a while to see this post. Even though you’re not necessarily looking for an anabolic effect using Bcaas/glutamine in the same way I describe in the article will provide an anti-catabolic effect and help you avoid losing muscle mass. You could follow the recommendations as they are or since you’re not taking in any carbs you could bump them up by about 50%.