Post Hernia Plan

about a year ago my Doc found a hernia ( my 2nd) during a physical . trained around it until recently when it started screaming a bit during deadlifts . so I figure it’s time to get it fixed before something goes terribly wrong .

surgery is this coming monday . I think I’ve got a decent plan , but any additional insight from other lifters would be fantastic . Doc said at least 2 weeks off from lifting , but I dont mind waiting longer than that before squatting or DL’ing .

heres the plan …

  • high fiber starts tomorrow , and continues until all is flowing normal ; probably 4 days post-surgery at least . first couple days will probably be close to liquid only . I didnt listen last ime about this…ate like crap and paid the price with a 4 day case of constipation . protien intake will be slim at this time . protien intake will kick back up when I know the constipation threat is gone .

  • if Im up to it , 2 weeks out I’ll start bench workouts . be starting with floor presses with feet up . hopefully this will take all pressure off the groin . I’ll take it a bit easy the first time or 2 . hopefully start pushing the heavy 5’s the second week back . planning on sticking with the floor press 4 weeks …at twice a week .I made great gains on bench recently…fron a shaky 220 max to a 240 at least . recently hit a fast 250 off 1 board and 250 for a trip off 2 boards . the goal is not lose this progress .

  • at 4 weeks post surgery I’ll start squatting . first couple weeks will be extremely light…bare bar to 135 . after that Im thinkin Ill add 10 pounds a week/session for a top set of 5 . I may be squatting every 5 days during this time , instead of once a week .

  • not sure about deads . squat training will take precedence for a bit . I havent squatted since last fall , but my deadlift showed progress all the way into this spring (was getting close to 405; 385 confirmed). so Im thinking maybe get the squat back up to 275 ( pre hernia max was 360 ) before adding deads back in .

so thats the plan , which is of course subject to change based on recovery . I didnt lift when I had my first one , so I have no idea how this is going to go . I do remember that the first week sucked pretty hard .Im 12 years older , and about 40 pounds heavier . way stronger , and I dont smoke anymore , so Im hopin those last 2 factors work in my favor .

if anyone has any further ideas , please throw them out here .

Sounds like you’ve been thinking. Looks like a real solid recovery plan.

Fluid, keep yourself very hyderated. Should make sure you’re drinking a full gallon a day.

Anything else would seem to fall under, wait and see.

This is when taking fish oil pays off.

Best of luck and a successful recovery!