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Post Here If You Shave Your Head


I was just wondering how many of you guys shave your head, or keep your hair very short. The reason I'm wondering about this is because I shaved my head two days ago after years of long hair (ponytail long). I suddenly felt the urge to shave it off, something many people have since told me they'd never ever expect me to do (hell, half a year ago I never would have thought I'd do it either). I suspect this has something to do with the tribulus terrestris I am taking since 1,5 months.

Men with higher testosterone have more of an urge to come across as manly, or 'butch', and short hair suits this image better than long hair. Therefore, I am expecting a lot of people on this site to have shaved heads or very short hair, more than you'd find in the general population.

So go ahead and post if you shave.. actually go ahead and post if you have longer hair as well because that will allow me to falsify my theory rather than verify it.


Not sure if it has anything to do with T-levels, but yeah I also keep my head shaved. Maybe it's more a case of male pattern baldness for me! HAHAHAHA


Baldness is also related to higher T levels :slight_smile:
That's probably also why bald men have been shown to be more active in bed.


I don't disagree with you...

So why do so many WWE type wrestlers have long hair? They're suppose to be the epitome of manliness.

To answer you rquestion, yeah, I have a crew cut.


Yea I shave. And I might be wrong but I swear since then, whenever I go out or to the shops people just fucking stare. I don't mean a quick glance, but I can look at them, look away for 5-10 seconds and they are still looking. I don't know if its my head or my face, hell I might just ask the next person out of curiousity.


You mean those guys walking around in brightly colored spandex? :slight_smile:
Nah kidding, as a Dutch guy I haven't really been brought up with WWE but I know many Americans are crazy about it. I don't know why many have long hair... That's an interesting question actually.


Funny that you say that. The morning I shaved my head I went to get breakfast at a coffeehouse (not to be confused with a coffeeshop here in the NL) and this woman walked by me and just stared at me. When I noticed this she gave her head a quick shake as if she just then realized she was staring, and looked away. Haven't really noticed any stares after that so it may have been coincidence.

So do you think it's because they are checking you out or because they think your shaved head looks strange? I mean, I suspect many Americans shave their heads, right? Many Dutch people do.


People will mostly check it out because it is different, may or may not with some prejudice in their perception.


I used to have longish hair(shoulder length), then one day about 8-9 years ago shaved it off. Been shaving it about once a week every since, clippers no guard. Tried the razor thing and couldn't stand the razor burn.

I'm married but women I've talked to seem to love guys with shaved heads. I completely dig the complete lack of attention it needs, no comb, no shampoo.

I've also noticed a lot of the guys at the gym and that i ride motorcycles with have shaved heads.


I grew a ponytail and quit shaving after I retired from the military in 2005. I went back to shaving/clipping the dome but still haven't shaved the face. The ponytail was getting in the way. Head is fuzzy at the moment, so now I kinda look like a creepy homeless guy that will beg money from you and then use it to go buy protein powder.


LOL What an image! Your priorities are well set!


Me too!! With long hair I spent a minimum of 10 mins on it in the morning, because I have very thick hair so it didn't just fall down naturally. I had to put lots of stuff in there. Then I went outside and every breeze would make me worry if it still looked okay (yeah, I'm a little vain, sorry). Anyway, no more! I love it! :slightly_smiling:


Last time I shaved my head was '83.

Being a short dude and having a youthful appearance is cool, but long hair makes me look older. When I shave the beard and head, I look like a boy. Not cool.

I figure I'll be bald naturally when the time comes anyway. Until then, I'm enjoying long hair. And because it's rare around here for guys my age to sport long hair, I get a lot of looks from females when I go out.


Its not that uncommon though, well maybe it is on young people. I'm not in America either, which I think its a little more common over there. I don't know hundreds of people, but I know only 1 person my age with a shaved head.

It must make me more rememberable too or something. I had to go to a government building the other day to sort out an issue with my license from the beginning of the year and the lady that served me was like "Oh yea, i remember you" and I'm just thinking WTF...she liked looked at me 2 times 6 months ago. Shit like that seems to happen alot since I started shaving.


It's cleaner, looks better, and is much easier and cheaper to maintain.

Not to mention anything over two inches in length makes you a dirty hippie.

I'm sporting a flat top right now and I love it. Master Gunnery Sergeant said it was 'motivating'.


Been shaving my head since high school. Started with a #1, then went to clippers with no guard, and now I just shave with a razor. I can actually grow a full head of hair if I wanted to.

Bald is beautiful.


i clip it close too. it's for function not style though... you can dump more heat with a shaved head! some days i fantasize about adding a big aluminum heat sink to my skull.

the reduced maintenance is a bonus. and i have poofy, curly hair when it grows out... not a fan.


I ahave my head weekly on a number 1 setting. There is no way i could grow my hair out right now in the middle of the summer when it is hot. That plus i'm too cheap to pay for a haircut.


clippers with no guard, mainly for efficiency's sake


Me too...