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Post-Hangover Meal Plan....


Had about 5 pints last night - and I'm supposed to be cutting. Yep, it's gonna put me back, but that's my problem.

But today I'm correcting it - I'll make it a calorie cycle; I took on a surplus of 800Kcals yesterday, so I'll drop 1600 today. A lot, but it gets me back on track.

Daily calorific requirement - 2800Kcals.

9am Brown Toast, 1tbspn Honey, 1 Tbspn Peanut Butter - 200kcals;

12am Full English Breakfast, fat trimmed off - 600Kcals;

4pm Grilled Chicken, 100gms - 150Kcals

7Pm As above

9Pm Green salad + Itbspn of Cod Liver oil/Olive Oil - 100Kcals

Total intake today - 1200Kcals.


Christ on a fucking bike. You had 5 pints, big fucking deal. An 800kcal surplus on one day should not require such an extreme reaction unless you're preparing for a competition or something.


This is stupid. such a drastic drop in calories over night is gonna be far too much of a shock to your system and set you up for a fall in the long run. You fell off the wagon. Once. Just accept that and move on as you had originally planned. If your freaking maybe do your cardio with a bit more intensity (i wouldnt, I'd just see it as a 'High day') but do not drop your calories in such a stupid knee jerk fashion.


Shock, horror and awe aside, would you fellas say splitting the difference is ok, and go for a deficit of 800 today (300 more than normal, but leaving me even)?


I can't believe that you've been a member since '04.


I can't believe you have hangover after 5 drinks


0 Change, mild cardio increase.

Maybe some Vitamin C and extra water intake.

Are you in contest prep?

I really don't think its that big of a deal. If I drink I bloat right out and hold alot of water, sweat it out (literally) and stick to your meal plan.


It was a pretty mild hangover, a few pints of water an a gram of 'C' cleared it up in half an hour.

I ended up going for a deficit of 1100, which actually led to a rethink of my cutting plan, thread to follow later.


Whats the one thing most guys are always preching in nutrtion articles?

If you fuck up one day, DO NOT drop your intake over the next few days or day in order too "compensate". Your body is smarter than that and will deal accordingly.

You had the drinks, you cant change that so instead of fucking with your diet just stay off the sauce for a week or two.


1600 cals is way too much of a drop, and besides, the alcohol will screw up your recovery a bit even without such a deficit. Eat maintenance levels, toss in some cardio, and then tomorrow get back on track.



if you were truly hungover you skipped your first meal of the day anyways from feeling like shit, so just continue eating the rest of the day as you normally would


Ya, don't worry about it - it was 5 pints. You can be strict but don't go nuts. Trying to overcompensate too much would nearly set you back rather than help you balance it out


you had a ton of pizza after your pints didn't you!!!


Consider the drinks a cheat meal and move on.


Based off your meal plan, you are English, and therefore your entire diet is doomed.



Poo poo the English eatimng habits eh? Like the US population are known for it's super healthy diet and exercise.
Shit, we may have bad teeth (it's the tea you know). But at least most of the guys can still see their dicks when they look down in the shower. :0)

I agree though - 5 pints and a hangover? Jaybee, you sure your English. Just must be from 'down south'.
'Lager Top for the lady?' ;0)


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Ahhh the mighty pub landlord. Touché my good man.
Sadly the nearest our north American colonial friends have got is 'Cheers', let's face it anything with canned laughter is shite.
Back on topic. I agree, don't sweat it and drastically cut your cals the day after. Just Chillax and continue with your planned diet. If your not dieting for a show it won't do to much damage. Just don't have a lager top/ shandy as routine. When I wanna loose some fat, I go super strict for a month. No booze, cardio 5-6 times early am, weights 4 times a week + conditioning/sled work. Minimum Anaconda protocol, meat, fat and veggies all day. No cheats, no carb ups. After 4 weeks switch to carb cycling, and have a few light beers/glasses of wine on a high day. Progress is still made. Stick to the 90% rule. 10% of your meals eat what you want, alcohol in moderation: Let's face it (and I'm sure most T-Nation member and contibutors would agree)
- life would be shit without the accassional beer, ice cream, piece of cake or whatever floats you boat.
Train hard, eat right, (90% of the time-95% if doing a show) be consitant and always remember 'a gentleman goes down first'